Qik App Will Allow iOS/Android Cross Platform Video Chat Soon

Qik launched its new iPhone app yesterday, and it's rather brilliant. But one of the more impressive features is yet to come, with an update to the Qik Android app on its way that will allow cross-platform video chat.

The new iOS Qik app has pretty much all your mobile video needs wrapped up in one handy location. You can stream live video, record private videos to share with family and friends, or video chat with other Qik users. The $3.99 paid version of the app also allows you to edit videos, trip and crop, add real time effects during video chat plus upload and share HD videos recorded from your camera roll.

But Qik's Rishi Mallik told us yesterday that while they don't have anything to announce for other mobile operating systems, they are planning an update to the current Android Qik app that would allow cross platform video chat. Given that the iOS version offers 352x288 pixel resolution on WiFi (apparently the highest currently on offer), this could quickly see Qik becoming the de Facto video chat service, especially given the ability for Qik users to leave video voicemail as part of the new app.


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