Our Beautiful Sun Looks Like A Peaceful, Furry Egg Yolk

This amazing picture was taken by Alan Friedman and it shows a side of the sun that I've never seen before. Look at it, I mean, the sun's surface looks like milky peach fuzz that'd be so soft to touch - the texture is just incredible. To take the picture, Friedman used:

Alan used a filter that lets through only a very narrow wavelength of light emitted by hydrogen (called Hα for those of you keeping track at home), so this tracks the activity of gas on the solar surface. He also inverts the image of the solar disk (makes it a negative) to increase contrast.

The smoke to the left of the sun is actually leftover material from an erupting sunspot. Seeing the sun so close and personal makes it easy for us to forget how big it is, Earth is literally a mere dot compared to this beast. [Alan Friedman via Discover]

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    I love how you find such interesting stuff for us to look at and read.
    This picture of the sun is quite beautiful. I assume you know about the 3D Sun app for the iPhone - it links to the 2 sats orbiting the sun and updates the view of the sun automatically through NASA.

    Gizmodo - one piece of advice, please, please improve your linking from your email newsletter to the items on your site. In order to get to the sun article I first clicked on the sun image in the email and got the pic on your site but nothing else, just the pic. I then clicked on the 2 links in the text and got the related sites, great but no Giz article. Finally I clicked on the Our Beautiful Sun Looks Like a Peaceful, Furry Egg Yolk headline in the email - and guess what - I ended up on the general news section where there was no sun item or link, I had to do a search of your site to find the sun news item.

    Your linking is crap, I've experienced this with other items as well, please make your linking logical, meaningful and useful.

    If the headline article is that important clicking on it - the image or the headline, should take you directly to the relevant article, just like everyone else's email links do, New York Times, etc etc.

      What are you talking about? I got to the website in one click. I then navigated to the image through there. It would be rude of Giz to hyperlink direct to the picture.

      The high res version is fantastic.

    Barrie - next time you decide to do a 233 word comment on an article, stop. email the person directly or contact Giz... readers don't need to see it.

    Giz - awesome pic and article

      Says the guy that counted the words..

    Get over it. I'd rather see longer comments than pointless ones.

    Though in this case I'd rather see a longer post as well!

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