Kogan Offering Free HDMI Cable To JB Hifi TV Customers

Never content with sitting idly on his hands, Ruslan Kogan is again making waves in the Australian retailer kiddie pool by offering a free 3 metre HDMI cable to any JB Hifi Customer who purchased an HDTV this year.

Not content with pushing Gerry Harvey closer to heart attack, Kogan seems to have expanded his war on retail to JB Hifi. This particular battle is about the exorbitant price of HDMI cables - an issue we've taken a stance on previously as well. Kogan has come out criticising the cost of some HDMI cables, and has decided to offer their own 3 metre HDMI cable to any JB Hifi customer who purchased an HDTV this year, for free.

There are quite a few conditions attached - the biggest being that you need to claim your cable by the end of this month, as well as send through proof of purchase to Kogan, which you can almost guarantee will be used as a form of research for the online-only TV retailer.

But then again, a free HDMI cable is better than paying $100 bucks for one, especially when Kogan's claimed he'll cover shipping as well.


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