iPad 2 Online Delivery Time Is 2-3 Weeks

If there was ever any doubt about the fact that Apple is going to sell bucketloads of iPad 2s today, it's in the reported delivery time for iPads through their online store. Apple reckons online buyers of all models can expect delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Generally Apple's online delivery is a well-lubricated, responsive machine, so for the Cupertino company to determine a delay of 2-3 weeks for deliveries means it's expecting to sell a lot of iPads today. Looking at the queue at the Sydney Apple store this morning, you'd have to agree:

If you desperately want an iPad today, your best bet (if you aren't already up the front of a queue) would be to check out other Apple retailers like Big W, JB HiFi, or Dick Smith (among others). But you should also prepare yourself for disappointment...


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