Internet Industry Association Now Working On Industry Copyright Code

Internet Industry Association Now Working On Industry Copyright Code
 src=Following the AFACT/iiNet copyright lawsuit decision, the Internet Industry Association has decided it’s probably a good idea for them to create a code of practice regarding copyright. Good move.

IIA Chief Executive Peter Coroneos explained in a press release:

“Having closely reviewed the recent decision of the Full Federal Court, we’ve concluded it’s both necessary and appropriate to develop a code of practice to give a range of internet intermediaries greater certainty around their legal rights and obligations. The iiNet case has provided us with welcome guidance on where responsibilities should begin and end, but falls short in defining reasonable steps intermediaries should take in responding to allegations of infringement by their users. The Code will address this gap.”

Educating Internet companies on exactly what they should be doing should the copyright police come knocking at their door is definitely a good step forward, although it won’t necessarily change the fact that AFACT and their cronies continue to fail to come up with easy and affordable access to their content legally. The IIA recognise this, and took the opportunity to voice their thoughts in the release:

“Market failure remains a core contributor to the infringement problem. If users have access to more and better content, when, where and in the form they choose to consume it, and at a realistic price, we’re quite sure the motivation for infringement will decline. We certainly don’t condone the infringement of copyright – but internet users need attractive, lawful alternatives if we are to see positive behavioural change. There’s no reason why Australia shouldn’t be leading the way here.”

Honestly, I doubt this will change anything in the short term, but the more pressure applied for legal downloading alternatives, the better the long term future will be.