IBM Patents HAL-Like Computer System For Stuffed Animals

That there will be robots and "smart" computer systems in our future is all but assured, but what will the lucky children be playing with? Probably an Adaptive System for Real-Time Behavioral Coaching and Command Intermediation.

What the heck is that, right? Well, as IBM explains it, the system would be contained within an interactive device that a child would use to curb or develop certain behaviours.

In the filing, IBM says:

For example, to help a child who plays rough with other children the interaction data can include multiple interaction operations that can be performed by the interactive device for helping the child play less rough with other children. For example, one interaction operation can include an audible warning telling the child 'to play nice' in a strict tone of voice, whereas another interaction operation can include an audible warning that asks the child 'would you like someone to do that to you' in a softer tone of voice along with a visual cue as well.

There's some shades of Teddy from the movie A.I. in there as well, huh? Transhumanist kids—they get all the cool toys. [IBM via Slashdot]

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