HTC HD7 Hitting Telstra March 29

The long awaited HTC HD7 is finally hitting Australian shelves next week. Along with the major WP7 update that begun overnight, this could be a much needed shot in the arm for the WP7 platform.

The phone will be available for $768 outright. It will also be available on 24 month contracts across a range of price points with monthly handset repayments, although we're waiting for confirmation on exactly what those payments are.

Despite the fact the phone is locked to Telstra, you don't actually have to keep the pre-loaded Telstra software on the phone. The other benefit is that the same Telstra billing options that were available on the Mozart - where app purchases are charged to your mobile phone bill.

Also worth noting is that the handset will have the most recent WP7 software update pre-installed when the phone hits shelves next week.



    I would assume this is the HD7S not HD7. Or has Oz once again become the dumping ground for outdated technology?

      you are....incorrect - it is the HD7

      A good phone though, especially if you are coming from the HD2 (as i am) :D

    is it this or the older model ?

    With my iPhone 3GS 2-year contract on Vodafail expiring soon, this has piqued my interest.

    Cannot wait to ditch Voda. What data connection? (in Bris CBD w/ full bars on 3G)

    Don't stress, the HD7S is nothing special and not new hardware: it's just a special edition with the NoDo update and a few superficial software touches for its US carrier (AT&T?).

      You sure it's got NoDo? Is that even out? All my WP7 update has is the update that updates updates - utterly useless.

        NoDo has been released, specifically in the EU.

        There are already a couple of devices on the market which come with it pre-installed.

    Awesome! I wonder if I can ditch my Mozart for cheap to someone.

      I wonder if Telstra will let me trade in my Mozart?

        Not to be too harsh but no they will not and not even entertain the idea for a moment. Off to ebay!

    The HD7S Has Super LCD screen, which this old model will not from what I hear.

      Your are right about the HD7S having a Super LCD screen. But the above article suggests that telstra HTC's will have the NoDo update pre-installed. Worth finding out if it will actually be the HD7S. Seems pretty disappointing to wait so long for the phone to come to Australia only to have an updated version just come on the market!!!!

    After my experience with WP7 - we can only hope this gets something better.

      I am sure the HD7 is still a good model but they obviously changed the screen for a reason.
      Australia just seems to be a dumping ground for older tech lately!

    More info

    Was getting all ready to buy this... Man that's disappointing. Anyone know the easiest way to get hold of an HD7S?

      have you tried mobicity?

    Will it sync locally with Outlook?


      None of the Windows Phone 7 devices will sync directly with Outlook. If you do not have an Exchange server, you will have to go via a cloud service such as Windows Live or Google.

    The phone is not locked to Telstra, no post paid phones are, except for iPhones, which are free to unlock anyway. This looks like a nice unit, can only hope the updates keep coming for WP7

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