Exactly How Essential Japan Is To Gadget Production

There are far, far more important costs that today's devastation in Japan will levy than economic ones. But the reality is that Japan is integral to the manufacturing and distribution of a huge portion of the world's electronics.

According to figures released today by iSuppli, more than a fifth of global semiconductors and more than a third of NAND flash production comes from Japan, and the country accounted for 16.5 per cent of consumer electronics factory revenue around the world. They're a huge supplier of LCD panels and components. And even if the factories that churn out those guyts weren't directly affected by today's quake, their supply chains almost certainly were.

What's that mean? For now, it's no more than a footnote to the real human tragedy that's been unfolding throughout the day. But in the long term, what today's events are also going to take their toll on the gadgets and gizmos that inform your everyday life. [iSuppli]

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