Does The Ultimate Nail Clipper Need A Leather Carrying Case?

Does The Ultimate Nail Clipper Need A Leather Carrying Case?

Taking the word “ultimate” onto a product lets you raise the price 10-20x over traditional versions, as shown by this Klhip nail clipper that costs $US70. Does it really warrant a price tag that high?

The company’s description says this:

The Ultimate Clipper’s unique reversed lever gives the user more control, and the falling-rate cam requires far less pressure than traditional clippers. Its modern design and single-blade cutting creates smooth nail edges, eliminating the need for filing afterward and, clippings tend to stay on board.

Using surgical-grade stainless steel, The Ultimate Clipper is the first nail clipper to be produced with metal-injection molding and is completely manufactured and assembled in the United States. The sturdy, high-quality design allows Klhip to provide a lifetime guarantee (on parts and workmanship), setting it apart from traditional nail clippers.

To be fair, I have used the same nail clippers for more than 25 years, and I have never found one that worked better than that. So if The Klhip can perform as well, if not better, then perhaps $US70 (or $US95 if you want a leather carrying case) is not absurd for something you’ll keep for life. [Klhip]