Del Monte Gives Nature The Finger With Plastic-Bagged Bananas

If... if only there were some sort of container for a banana. Something that would protect the fruit inside, be easy to open and a cinch to throw away. Oh wait, right.

Luckily, the idiots at Del Monte have created an entirely unnecessary and wholly wasteful solution to a problem that doesn't exist - packaging the perfectly fine organic wrapper of the banana's skin with a plastic one - which now makes it, in moron marketing-speak, a "Natural Energy Snack on the Go"! This is a huge relief, because portability was a major problem with bananas throughout history, what with no easy way to hold or store them.

Del Monte, in one last gesture of stupidity, actually claims the bags are eco-friendly, because they'll perfectly time the ripening of the fruit on shelves, preventing unnecessary banana deliveries. And the cost to society is only a plastic bag manufactured for every single banana.

It would also be nice to have apples packed in durable styrofoam shells with a carrying strap. Someone please get on this. [Daily Mail via TreeHugger]

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