Are Apple And Canon Working Together On A Secret Project?

Are Apple And Canon Working Together On A Secret Project?

Any partnership made with Apple is sure to net the other party a lot of profit and exposure, and I’m willing to bet that even if rumours of a Canon and Apple tie-up don’t come to fruition, Canon will still benefit from their name being thrown into the ring.

Website CanonRumors has heard that Canon and Apple could be collaborating in the field of photography, perhaps with Aperture of the next Final Cut Pro. According to TechCrunch’s sources who were privy to an early showing of the next Final Cut Pro, it will be the “biggest overhaul to Final Cut Pro since the original version was created over 10 years ago”. What could Canon’s products have to do with it?

Something related to their cameras is obvious, but don’t forget they also make printers and copiers. I can’t imagine anything groundbreaking could occur in those fields, but would Apple let Canon licence a mini version of their video-editing software for use on their cameras? I’m just speculating here, but what do you think could come of this partnership?

AppleInsider has a few ideas, with their MobileMe Photo Stream sounding quite possible. We know Apple’s MobileMe is due for a large shake-up this year – and might even go free – but could Canon’s Wi-Fi equipped cameras support the transfer of photos and video to the cloud? Or maybe a sort of AirPlay transfer to Macs and Apple TVs?

Whatever it is, we can’t imagine Canon’s competitors will be too happy hearing these whispers. [CanonRumors via AppleInsider]