Amazon Cloud Player Goes Live, Will Let You Upload And Stream Your Music For Free

As we've speculated it might, Amazon has announced its own media streaming service. It's called the Amazon Cloud Player and you can start using it right now.

It looks like you'll start out with 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage, but be offered the chance to to 20 GB with an MP3 album purchase through Amazon. You'll be able to add songs and albums purchased from Amazon, as well as music from your own media library.

Once you've added media to the Cloud Drive, you'll be able to stream it via Amazon's Cloud Player for Web or the Cloud Player for Android app—yes, iOS users appear to be out of luck for now. [Amazonv via Engadget]

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    Suffer Apple fan boys :P

      Who can access Cloud Player?

      If you are an existing Amazon customer with a valid billing address in the United States, you have access to Cloud Player. All you need to do is accept the Cloud Player Terms of Use to start using your Cloud Player account. See how to access Cloud Player.

      Yet again not for us Aussies.

      but mobileme waaaahhhh!!

      Hey genius, you can't get it either. Kinda lessens the impact of your lame insult.

    How about a story about when we can expect these services in Australia along with complementary phone plans?

    If only there were some other way of getting 20GB or so of tunes onto your phone.. some kind of micro sized storage container..

    Personally I see a NAS drive in my future with ALL of my data available to me via DLNA. Skifta, anyone??

    Any news if and when Amazon's Cloud Player will hit the British and Australian shores? I know a few people who might be interested in these conveniences.

    You are kidding - this still isnt available. I will can my Kindle Fire aspirations. Forced to buy an i-Phad thanks...

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