What Happened With The NBN This Week

What Happened With The NBN This Week

Another week, another collection of stories about the NBN. This week was mostly about the battle between Telstra’s new LTE network and the NBN.

• A report commissioned by the government by Greenhill Caliburn stated that take up of wireless internet technologies could inhibit the take up of the NBN. While that’s definitely true, especially for renters in capital cities, I doubt the report took into account the bill shock of exceeding mobile data allowances… [SMH]

• The next day, Telstra announced their LTE network at MWC. Using 1800MHz spectrum and being rolled out by the end of the year in capital cities, the network immediately raised debate about the NBN vs LTE. But as we explained, it’s not a competition – they supplement eachother.

• Despite the NBN vs LTE argument, country towns were praying for the NBN, as the ABC reported.

• Internode carrier relations manager John Lindsay reckons Malcolm Turnbull loves the NBN. He must be a pretty convincing actor…

• NBN Co picked up some spectrum from Austar for the wireless component of their network. A cool $120 million with expected rollout in the middle of next year.