Two TSA Agents Stole Over $US160,000 From Checked Luggage

In yet another bad look for the TSA, two agents at New York's JFK Airport 'fessed up to pilfering $US160,000 from passenger bags.

How'd they do it? They'd screen the bags through security x-rays looking for money, then they'd flag the luggage for private inspection and steal the money there. One passenger en route to Argentina had $US39,400 in cash sitting in his bag. Now the two men will be charged (and presumably convicted) of Grand Larceny. I'm not quite sure who keeps money in their checked luggage (except for crime bosses and drug kingpins), but apparently people do. If you ever need a reminder as to why you should always keep your cash on you, this is it. [NY Post]

[siamionau pavel/Shutterstock]

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