Twitter For Android

Twitter For Android

The official Twitter app for Android just got a whole lot better. It’s faster, it’s prettier, it’s way more functional. It’s almost as good as Twitter for iPhone now.

What is it?
Twitter, free, Android It’s Twitter for Android, reborn. The old app used a pretty but slightly weird user interface that wasn’t quite as functional as its iPhone counterpart. Now, it looks fantastic, and works much better too. There’s no home page—you’re dumped right into your tweets, so it’s less to click. You can see whole tweet conversations at once now (before, seeing a conversation took like 4 bajillion button presses), and just about everything is easier to get to and right at your fingertips. And I mean, it’s Twittttttttttter.

Who’s it good for?
The average Twitter user on Android that isn’t already hooked on an alternative, like Twidroid.

Why’s it better than alternatives?
It looks and feels more polished than most of the other Android Twitter apps out there, and manages to feel that slick while being more functional than the last official Twitter app. Ironically, it does that by going even more of the iPhone Twitter app. (But it still feels very much at home on Android, especially with Gingerbread.) It’s very fast. If you hated the last Twitter app, it’s worth giving the new one a shot.

How could it be even better?
Well, there’s still no support for multiple accounts, which is gonna be a dealbreaker for a lot of people, especially power users. (It’s in the iPhone version, why not this one?)

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Music by Kevin Macleod, used under CC license