This Spy Robot Will Always Find You—Unless You Stop Breathing

This little fellow is the TiaLinx Cougar20-H, a surveillance robot. He is capable of detecting any sneaky human presence—even through thick concrete walls—by using a ultra-wideband radio frequency sensor array and focusing on biorhythmic patterns—such as breathing.

There aren't too many details available about the spy robot, but he definitely sounds perfect for covert operations:

Operated from a laptop that can be more than 300 feet away, the robot can scan through reinforced concrete by detecting reflected radio waves. It can find people who are moving or even keeping still, so the operator can see them in real time.

Don't worry too much about ever facing the Cougar20-H though, because he will mainly be shipping to some select government agencies as well as a handful of law enforcement and firefighter departments. [CNET]

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