This Fine Looking Amplifier Promises Distortion-Free Audio

Swedish high-end audio manufacturer Marten generally stick to speakers, but their latest work, the attractive M-Amp monoblock, is their first foray into the world of powered amplifiers. But are slick looks and distortion-free sound reproduction worth $US45,000/pair to you?

According to Stereophile, this pair of amplifiers produces sound that one would expect from a more technically capable setup. And Ultimate AV Mag describes the M-Amp's internal workings as such:

The fully balanced M-Amp is based on Marten's proprietary Adaptive Modulation Servo (AMS) technology, which is described as an "inverting, globally self-oscillating, class-D stage" as well as a "load-independent, wide-bandwidth, first-order modulator, switching at 600kHz, with a constant loop gain of 30dB all the way up to the switching frequency."

That's great, but can it handle my Demi Lovato MP3 collection? [UltimateAVMag via BornRich]

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