The Winkelvii Still Hate Mark Zuckerberg

The Winkelvii Still Hate Mark Zuckerberg

Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss, who if you believe them are the true inventors of Facebook, seem like decently level headed people. They’re from the upper crust, for sure, but they respect hard work (as judged by their Olympian status) and reason (as judged by their Harvard-ness).

But man do they still hate Mark Zuckerberg. In a recent interview with Fast Company, Cameron Winkelvoss had these zingers to say about Zuckerberg:

It’s really easy to forget six or seven years later that Mark Zuckerberg’s big vision, before we came to him with our idea, was comparing photos of Harvard students to farm animals. Not only is that not creative, not only is it not unique because already existed, but it’s goddamn cruel and mean.

On Mark’s ethics:

I feel that the way Mark operated, and what he did, was completely unethical and completely against teamwork. That’s not something you find in the sport. People like that don’t get very far. They get nowhere really.

On Zuckerberg’s perceived underdog status:

Zuckerberg grew up in Dobbs Ferry. This is a nice area of New York. He went to boarding school at Philips Exeter Academy. You can’t get a finer education at a private boarding school. Then he went to Harvard. He’s not some underdog. I would hope that people don’t come away from the movie believing that Zuckerberg is the underdog. if you’re rooting for Zuckerberg, you’re rooting for a lawless place, a place where fraud is acceptable, a place where there is no protection.

And lastly, on the damning question of, “If you were the inventor of Facebook, wouldn’t you have invented Facebook?”

The short answer is: We would’ve invented Facebook if Mark Zuckerberg hadn’t sabotaged our project and absolutely betrayed us.

The guy’s been harping on the same subjects about Zuckerberg for more than 5 years now. But when you lose out on billions and miss out on changing the world, I guess you earn the right to hate a guy forever? Check out the full interview at Fast Company. [Fast Company]