The Stupidity Of Wasteful Packaging Keeps Reaching New Depths

This is how Dell just sent 65 screws to Martin Ørding-Thomsen: Each of them inside a huge padded envelope. Does this seem like the work of an imbecile to you? Well, believe it or not, it's kind of an improvement:

That's how Dell sent a single order of eight mounting screws in 2007, a pair per box. A year later, things weren't any better:

This is how they sent a single order for CMOS batteries. So yes, it's an improvement... although sending 65 screws in 65 padded envelopes inside a single box seems even more stupid than sending all those separates box. Didn't the guy packing that thought that maybe it would be better to use one single envelope? I really want to meet the people ,aking these decisions. [The Daily WTF - Thanks Miguel López!]

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