The QuaDror: An Ingenuous New Way To Build

It has more structural strength, both horizontally and vertically, than a traditional A-frame, though it can be folded totally flat for economical shipping. It scales terrifically. It has potential applications in disaster relief, bridge-building, low-income housing, sound-insulation and art, though its elegant shape and movement is already pretty damn artful itself. It's called the QuaDror, a structural element developed by Israeli designer Dror Benshetrit, and it is poised to make a splash in any number of disciplines.

Fast Co Design has a close look at why, exactly, it has designers and engineers so geeked - one leading structural-engineering firm deemed its strength "outstanding"; that might have something to do with it - but what's most exciting is that the true potential for the QuaDror might still be yet to be discovered. [Fast Co. Design]

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