The Most Stunningly Spectral Light Paintings You'll Ever See

It's official; this blizzaster we're stuck with has ushered in an age of glowing, fire-ringed skeletons that will send us to our maker. Either that or someone is very, very good at light painting.

Okay! Quick research shows that it's the latter. The above work - entitled Invocation For an Ice Age, which is the last thing we need right now thank you - comes from the Sony A200 of the impossibly talented Janne Parviainen. We've seen Parviainen's work before, but this series of skeletal portraits deserves special mention.

And yes, both of these images come straight from the camera; no Photoshop involved. Haunting, beautiful, and most of all? Mind-meltingly impressive. [Jannepaint via Neatorama via Laughing Squid]

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