Sorry, But The Magnetic Poles Switching Places Won't Create Planetary Superstorms

The latest crazy doomsday theory is upon us, and unlike the two suns story, there isn't even really a grain of truth behind this one.

This new theory says that the magnetic poles will shift in the near future (which, in all likelihood, they won't, at least not in human time scales), and that this will change our climate (which maybe it could, but not nearly as much as the drastic change we're already experiencing), all this will somehow create superstorms (no idea), and this somehow probably all ties into 2012...somehow. We feel it is our duty as sceptics and lovers of good science to point you in the direction of Phil Plait's epic takedown of this "theory" over at Bad Astronomy.


    Superstorms? I thought the theory was that it'll disrupt the magnetisphere and cause us to die from solar winds and stuff.

    but they are moving its proven

    This isn't exactly "new". This is what gets me about the whole 2012 theory. People watch the movie, do a google search, then suddenly think they are among the first to discover the supposed "event".

    I have been following these 2012 theories for years, and the magnetic pole shift is just one of them - and even then, i realise that these "theories" have been debated in the past. It's called humility i believe.

    Anyway back to the topic. You seem pretty dismissive on the whole idea of a pole shift in the near future. Yet you back up every sentence with "no idea", "not true" or "this doesn't sound true at all". Are you actually researching this and giving actual examples as to WHY it supposedly wouldn't have a drastic effect on the climate? Or is this really your idea of journaism - reporting on something and saying how ludicrous it sounds just for the sake of having your 2 cents?

    The internet is filled with numerous valuable sources for you to spend the rest of tonight browsing. Why don't you actually take in information and keep an open mind?

    I'm starting to find more and more bias articles with too many of the author's own opinions - it's getting beyond a joke, and i'm starting to find this site less tolerable as they tailor every article to suit their beliefs.

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