Series Record Without The Internet Connection

Aussie PVR manufacturer Topfield has released an update for their best selling PVR that would if verified, make it the first such PVR in the country to offer series recording without an internet connection.

But to make use of it, you'll first need to update the PVR yourself, with instructions for the uprgrade available by going to this link. The best selling TRF 7160 model can record 200 hours of video or about 70 TV shows says the company (although how they came to that figure is anyone's guess). To access the series record feature, only three magical clicks of the remote using the Intelligent Recording function are required says the company.

But, with the likes of TiVo, FetchTV and Foxtel IQ already well established and playing in this space, while also offering various series record features on top of premium content, Topfield will be hoping to sway customers away from competitors with its price – at $549. And even then, that''s not going to be an easy sell.

[Via Topfield]

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