Portable DNA Scanner Coming Soon To An Airport Near You?

A portable DNA scanner no larger than a laser printer with the ability to give results in under an hour? Surely you jest. But, given US Homeland Security and their ever growing budget, ultra-fast DNA testing kits may soon find their way to airports in the coming months.

Up until now, DNA testing has been expensive and most of all - time consuming to get results. Apparantly, the new test will aide in definding parentage and family links among refugees, migrants, in addition to a wide range of other uses. And it will provide a fast result without the need for a specialised technician.

The move comes as US based airports increase their reliance on biometrics and facial recognition technologies in the fight against homeland threats.

[via Nextgov]

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    But will it detect my illegal gene modifications?

      I sure hope not otherwise I'm screwed.

    Holy invasion of privacy batman!

    I would expect this to be an app on a smartphone or no bigger than a breath tester the police use. What century are we living in here?

    So Govements are to force the public into collect our DNA for home land security? What a load of crap. When are the going to Micro Chip all new born baby's & then us next all on BigBrothers Data Base. Why! But what happened to our rights as human- not cattle.

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