Perfectly Timed iPhone Rumour Hints At Tiny iPhones, MobileMe Overhaul

Wouldn't you know it, but just as Samsung was rebooting its well-received Galaxy S line of tablets and smartphones at MWC, an Apple iPhone rumour arrives courtesy the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ all but confirms rumours we heard inklings of earlier this month, in which Apple was said to be developing a small, less expensive iPhone that would be tinier than the already diminutive iPhone 4.

Codenamed the N97, this smaller line of iPhones would be sold alongside normal-sized iPhones (presumably the redesigned one arriving this July), and would sell for roughly half the price.

Also making the list of rumours over at the WSJ is word that Apple's MobileMe online storage service could receive an overhaul. Should the rumour pan out users could expect the $US99 to $US149 service to become a free one that would allow for the creation of a "locker," says the WSJ, that would store personal photos, video and other personal digital effects.

Rounding everything out is a mention of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who the WSJ reports has made the smaller iPhones and Mobile Me redo a "top priority" even as he recuperates from an undisclosed health ailment.



    why would i want to get an even crappier phone?

    the screen is far to small already!, processing power not as good as it could be, and quite frankly my apps keep crashing!

    i am moving to windows phone 7 i think :)

      As an owner of 200+ apps and a really active user of them with no "crash" issues on my 3GS I would guess that:
      1. You have a iPhone 3G and are attempting to run apps that are beyond the capability of your phones hardware; or,
      2. You do not regularly update your apps to their latest patches; or,
      3. You don't actually have any iPhone issues, because you don't own an iPhone and just like to slam Apple for fun.

        ....or its 'broken" and'll crash all the time. (BTW 2 outta 3 of mine were - so...yea I know)

        lol. Trust someone who's invested over time with microtransactions to actively defend their purchase. It's marketing psychology 101, and you've been sucked in. Let it go. Your OS is old n' busted.

          "Sucked in" enough to enjoy some of the greatest apps available.
          Call me when your OS of choice has something akin to parity in the apps space.

          "Sucked in" enough to enjoy some of the greatest apps available. Poor me.

          Call me when your OS of choice has something akin to parity in the apps space.

    This is obvious.
    They want to extend the demographic to which they can sell a product.
    Think about it. It costs AU$870 for an iPhone last I checked. How many kids would buy an iPhone rather than an iPod touch? Now they can if this is true because the smaller iPhone will be as cheap as the iPod touches.

    So they're copying HP's new "HP Veer", Let me guess Apple didn't copy, HP did.

    Well I guess if Apple get it out first is all that matters. I'll stick to WP7 though I get a free iPhone4 from work, I think people in general underestimate WebOS and HP.

    The only thing stopping me from buying an iPhone IS the size, this is great news.

    So long Symbian, finally. (currently a Nokia E55 user)

    Wasn't the N97 a nokia fail last year that was overhyped and didnt live up to expectations?

      Well, if by live up to expectation, you mean "function as a phone", then yes, it failed to live up to expectation! Over the course of a year my N97 was repaired 3 times under warranty, all of the components being replaced at least twice. No reception ( cross referenced with other phones on the same network) froze at least 3 times a day and generally unwieldy to use. It was enough to break my mobile contract and it will take quite a lot to make me buy another Nokia.

    This is an interesting course for Apple to take, if it's true. Obviously they want to get a piece of the lower-budget market, without cutting into their astronomical profit margins.

    I'm guessing such a device would use a 2.8" screen with Retina-display pixel density and 3GS resolution. It would be controlled in a similar way to the iPod nano....full touch screen and voice controls, with maybe a small hardware Home button on the bottom or side.

      I like the backward compatibility idea of 3GS resolution at a retina DPI, but my rough calculation gives a screen size of 1.75" which seems way too small.

    a lot of people i know from work don't even use full capabilities of their iphones like location based services and web. They just wanted to combine their ipods and phones into one slim device.

    If Apple does make a smaller iPhone what difference would it make? I'm sure the carrier would still hit you with the same monthly charges and you'd have to watch everything on a much smaller screen. Apple might lose a few $ on the initial purchase price, but they'd make it up on kickbacks from the Verizon, AT&T etc. providers over the course of the contract. If they shorten, or eliminate, the term of the contract you can bet the monthly payments will be higher. Just my pessimistic, but realistic, assessment.

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