No, Seriously, The MacBook Air Is This Light

Sure, I could tell you how light the new MacBook Air is. But there are some things you really do have to see to believe. And a MacBook Air suspended from nothing but a balloon is one of them.

Nicely done, Apple Store marketing team! Let's hope none of the customers brought darts. [The Next Web]


    im g0nna install an ad0be flasher. do i need anti virus for that?

      no, but get it from adobe site to be safe

    Yes, Seriously, the mac-book air is light enough to be suspended by a fibreglass baloon on a fishing line.

    MAx er liTe derp derp derp.

    There are lighter laptops out there you know.

    No, seriously, it isn't.

    Using the math found on a howstuffworks article, I'd guess that it would take between 89 and 99 balloons to float or lift a 13" MacBook Air. To get an idea of what 89 balloons looks like, I managed to find a YouTube video with exactly that. It would not fit in that shop window.

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