Nexus S Confirmed For Australia By Vodafone

Given that Vodafone had a limited release of the original Google phone, the Nexus One, it's no surprise they've got dibs on its successor, the Nexus S. In a statement released last night, the telco confirmed they'll be bringing the phone to Vodafone stores around the world, including those in Australia.

The global announcement, which can be seen here, doesn't actually offer answers to the most popular questions: "when?" and "how much?" although Vodafone promises that information will be announced soon. Vodafone Australia will, however, offer the phone up for pre-order pre-registration of interestfrom 9am this morning. It looks like it will be a Voda exclusive though, so if you were hoping to avoid their troubled network, you're out of luck.

Still, the sooner we see some Gingerbread action, the better!


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