Navigon Providing Satnav App For Bada Phones

Navigon Providing Satnav App For Bada Phones

 title=Remember Bada? You’d be forgiven for forgetting. As a quick reminder, Bada is Samsung’s own proprietary mobile OS that came with their Wave handset last year. Well, turns out they’re still pushing it, and are partnering with Navigon to provide a free satnav app to Bada phones in Australia.

Last year the two companies partnered to offer Navigon’s mapping app to the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S Android-based devices, which was a welcome move given that Google’s turn-by-turn navigation hadn’t launched in Australia at the time.

It’s not the complete software offering – Navigon are only offering a base version for Bada, with the option to upgrade o whatever features you may want. Included in the base version are:

– Australia & New Zealand On-board Map
– Turn-by-Turn Navigation
– Reality View Light
– 2D Map View
– Extended Destination Information
– Smart Speller
– POI Search
– Day and Night Mode
– Pedestrian Navigation
– Switching between portrait and landscape modes

The premium functions will include things like “Reality View Pro, Traffic Live and Lane Assistant”. Given that it does include maps for all of Australia, meaning navigation without an internet connection, it’s pretty hard to complain.