MySpace Australia Closed This Week. Did You Notice?

Anyone still use MySpace? Anyone? Bueller? If you were one of the few people who used the social network/entertainment portal, you'll be sad to know that MySpace Australia closed its doors this week. Triple J's Hack program uncovered the news that otherwise completely flew under the radar.

Despite the fact that MySpace managed to launch and support a lot of local musicians, the global company reported three weeks ago that it lost $156 million, and as a result has globally halved its workforce, including the closure of the Australian office. While Hack reports that the company has been good to its outgoing employees, it's still bad news to hear anybody losing their job.

The Hack report concludes that it's likely that MySpace is likely a dying portal that won't survive. The question is, does anybody even care?

[Triple J via TechAU]

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