Myer's China Based MyFind Website Opens For Business

You'll either love it or hate it dear readers, but Myer's Chinese based website experiment, which aims to repeal the GST that customers pay on locally sourced goods has gone live today. The problem with the site ( is that the majority of its 'deals' hardly look inspiring enough to make the shift across from cheaper and more established e-tailers.

For instance, among the site's many 'specials of the month', there is an $18 frypan, the same kind I saw at Coles last week for about the same price minus the shipping. For gadget heads, there is a $498 eMachines laptop (generic brand) that chuggs along with an older generation Pentium Dual Core 6000 series CPU. That's not really a bargain; considering for a little more you can easily purchase Core i3 models now for under $600 if you hunt around online. A $50 generic branded shirt hardly inspires either - this is Lowes and Big W territory and they do it cheaper still.

Last year, retailers led by Harvey Norman, threatened the government, telling all who would listen that online sales should include GST - placing local based stores, which run up rents and considerable staff costs at an unfair disadvantage. Myer's solution became MyFind, with offices strategically based in Hong Kong and China, making good on their threat to go offshore. But given it's hardly the earth shattering e-bargainer we were led to believe it could be, the site is likely to land with an online whimper, instead of the financial thud that it was intended for.

For now, I prefer to use aggregators like shopbot and static ice to find much better deals. Look elsewhere Giz readers.

Update #1: It appears that most of the site's links are broken. We're guessing that the site wasn't ready for all the curious sticky beaks and is buckling under server/traffic load. If that's the case, then it's clearly a major embarrassment for Myer and the future of their GST-free retailing experiment.

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    lol, of course they can't sell their usual premium brands... because its illegal.

    what the stores should do is band together, pick a brand - like sony, for example - stop selling sony's stuff in stores, force sony out of business in Australia, and then they would be allowed to sell sony stuff cheaper through sites like MyFind!

    death to rip off local distributors!!

      Ahh, excellent point. I didn't think of the legal aspects of selling in China.

      Can you please explain to me how that works? What makes some brands illegal to sell this way?

        there is a rule called Parallel imports that licensed distributors such as Levi and Calvin Kline don't like,

        companies like Myer are forced to use the Australian licensed distributor of Global Companies, and probably have strict legally binding contracts to stick to authorised Australian distributors.

        Myer is forced to use only models and styles approved for distribution in Australia by these man in the middle companies which take their extra margins.
        When Australians buy a brand like Levi the companies add to the original USD price

        In laymans term
        Americans pay (Product Cost + Levi America Profit + Taxes)
        Australians Pay (Product Cost + Levi America Profit + Levi International Profit + Import Duty + local Distributor Profit + Myer Profit + GST)

    Ha. They suck. Tried the top nav today? #fail.

    Also: every single link in its navigation menu is dead and comes up with an "Oops! Something is wrong" 404 error. :p

    That's insane: to launch a major new website with inoperable navigation and no deals worth spreading on Facebook. If they'd had a few loss leaders there, maybe people would care... but I share your pessimism that this site has little to entice shoppers right now. :p

      Exactly. It's a poor and embarrassing start to Myer's hyped experiment.

    Seeing as how most of the links on the site don't even work, it barely rates a whimper.

    Its a great example of how big retailers just don't get it - everything is priced in Australian dollars and delivery is only available to Australian addresses. Hello, the online market is a global market, of which Australia makes up only a very small percentage. If you want to compete with international sellers you need to compete in the entire market, not just restrict yourself to a very small corner.

    Ohh, and I hear that Web 2.0 is popular these days. A web 1.0 shopping cart with a Facebook link doesn't really make the grade.

    The website isn't even working properly.

    Also I'm not sure why they are bothering with this. The sentiment towards them (Myer) right now is poor due to their recent stance on online sales, and now they go an launch something like this which clearly is aimed towards the same segment, what are they expecting, sales through the roof? Or are they simply doing it to prove a point to the Government (which probably couldn't give 2 hoots about it anyway)?

    Well, the Myer site has True Religion jeans for $199. The same jeans from the actual manufacturer in the US cost $95.99, and shipping is free. So I guess GST went up to 100% when I wasn't looking.

    These companies just don't get it.

      Spot on - the old style retailers just don't get it. To compete, it takes more than just removing the GST from their bloated store prices.

    What Crap Men's Ricky Super QT Revolver Myfind $399.

    it's a joke!! I thought I can find a levis or diesel jeans for less than $90!! what's the point of buying a less known brand for $200 online??

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