Internode Carves 60 Broadband Plans From Its Line Up To Leave Just 18

Internode Carves 60 Broadband Plans From Its Line Up To Leave Just 18
 src=Internode has completely overhauled its broadband plans today, reducing the number of plans on offer from 78 to just 18. Simplicity FTW!

Essentially, the ISP has moved to make all their broadband plans fall under their “Easy Broadband” umbrella, with four key product lines featuring different data inclusions. To supplement the new plans, Internode has also introduced Power Pack and Business Pack add-ons, which offer extra benefits for the more discerning user.

Here’s a rundown of the new packages:

1. Easy Broadband, Internode’s flagship broadband service, available bundled or unbundled, which offers ADSL2+ speeds with Annex M upstream, ranging in price from $29.95 (bundled XS) to $129.95 (unbundled XXL).
2. Easy Naked, Internode’s dialtone-free broadband service, ranging in price from $59.95 (S) to $149.95 (XXL)
3. Easy Bundle, Internode’s broadband and analogue telephone service all-in-one package, costing from $64.90 (S) to $124.90 (XS) and available in more areas than Easy Broadband
4. Easy Reach, Internode’s most widely available broadband service, offering ADSL2+ where available and costing from $39.95 (bundled 5 GB) to $89.95 (unbundled 200 GB).

And the add-on packs:

* For an extra $10 a month, a Power Pack offers extra benefits including a static IP address, free data uploads and faster shaping if the monthly data quota is exceeded.
* For an extra $30 a month, a Business Pack features usage-based charging with no speed shaping if the monthly data quota is exceeded; access to a free “” subdomain; priority technical support and a business-grade Service Level Agreement.

If you’re completely happy with your current Internode plan, there’s no mandate to change over – they’ll still support your current plan. But a lot of the buzz on Twitter following the announcement seems to indicate that you can get more data for less money by transitioning over to the new plans, which sounds like a pretty good deal.