How That Impossible Escher Waterfall May Have Been Built

Remember this? Still pretty crazy! But maybe a little less so after taking a look at David Goldman's theory of how exactly this contraption was put together:

It's amazing what a little forced perspective and careful editing can do. Remember, though, that this is pure speculation. There's still a distinct possibility that the real answer is magic. [BoingBoing]


    I'm very curious as to why it was necessary to stir the bucket of "water" before pouring into the jug.

      To mix the Blue ink into the water.. must've been in suspension rather than dissolved.

      Pretty sure that was just to stir the dye that made the water a visible blue.

      So I think the plan was to try and make the movement of the water the way to build credability that the video is continous, however if you watch the bucket closely you'll notices that the movement in the water changes direction ever so slightly as the video progressesfirst from front to back then slightly side to side then front to back again

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