How In Snowhell Could You Crash A Car Like This?

Blizzaster 2011 continues all across the US. The gigantic snow storm has resulted so far in 12,000 cancelled flights, up to 100km/h polar winds and thousands of car accidents like this one.

RT 93 southbound in NH [yesterday] , I only wish I could crash a car like this.

The driver really got lucky, but you may not: If you are in the storm path, better leave the car at home. And if you must drive, use the appropriate car gear, fill up the petrol tank, and take with you a snow zombie survival kit, a dozen huskies and a sledge.

Update: Here's a video of the crash.

Update 2: The photo is actually by Eagle Tribune's photographer Tim Jean.

Update 3: Jalopnik got this photo from the Chicago Tribune.

They have a lot of images of the Chicago blizzaster. Here are a few of them.

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