Google Latitude: Now One More Place To Check In

Google Latitude has been around for a couple of years now, but today it's finally fulfilled its destiny as yet another place you can check in online. You know, after you've already hit up Foursquare and Facebook.

The feature is available in Maps 5.1 for Android and features automatic check-ins, as well as check-outs for when you leave a location. There's not much else here that you can't find in other check-in services, though, and there's no incentive program yet to keep you coming back. iOS Latitude users will be able to see the updates of their Android counterparts, but won't be able to check in anywhere themselves just yet.

Is it a nice feature to add? Sure! But seems like it's mostly recommended either for die-hard current Latitude users, or people who just love telling as many people as they can as often as they can about as many places they've been to as they can. Not that there's anything wrong with that. [Google]

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