Google Chrome: Address Bar Could Soon Be Extinct

Google Chrome: Address Bar Could Soon Be Extinct

Okay I admit it – I love Chrome. But Google might be getting a little too cool for school with this next move. My admittedly favourite browser might be about to jump the shark by dropping one of the browser’s most worthwhile element: the address bar.

Google plans to create four different navigational broswers modes in their next release of the browser: Classic, Touch, Sidetab and Compact. It’s the Compact mode that has some Chrome fans a bit worried. Sure, you might gain some extra real estate at the top of the browser by sending the address bar the way of the Dodo, but I’m not sure if I like the new GUI push towards minimalism, given that the address bar has been a browser staple since the 1990s.

Check out some of the intended designs below:


Do you like the new designs? Would it even make a difference to the way you use Chrome?

[Via Google Groups][Image credit: Google]