Facebook Hero: Zuckerberg Gets Immortalised In Comic Books

Facebook Hero: Zuckerberg Gets Immortalised In Comic Books

The adventures of Mark Zuckerberg, the one and only Facebook king, philanthropist and unlikely gazillionaire – is now coming to the world of comics. And what’s more, it actually looks like something worth reading…in the toilet.

In the most unlikely example of a CEO branding that I can think of, Zuckerberg’s leap to the comic book world comes at a time when his likeness duels for corporate power in The Social Network, only weeks away from presumed Oscar glory.

Who needs Spiderman or Batman when geeky teens can now look up to their new corporate superhero for inspiration? Alas, the comic book writers said they hope to portray Zuckerberg in a more sympathetic light than the film has. But c’mon, any guy who admits to writing ‘I’m CEO…Bitch’ on his business card is either completely full of himself or a cynical genius desperate for kudos.

The 48 page comic book goes on sale in the US today. No word about when it will be available in Australia.

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