Every Amazing Easter Egg From 5 Superbowl Trailers

Every Amazing Easter Egg From 5 Superbowl Trailers

Yesterday’s Superbowl was our first real look at a bunch of new must-see movies. And all those 30-second TV spots were jam-packed with Easter eggs and hints about what characters and situations we’re going to be discovering this later thsi year. Here are scores of screencaps, showing everything you might have missed.

Captain America
We got to see the whole origin story of Steve Rogers – including how the “Benjamin Button” technique of putting Chris Evans’ head on a scrawny body is going to work. And some pretty amazing action sequences, including Cap punching an underwater windscreen. Plus our first glimpse of Dum Dum Dugan and Union Jack![imgclear]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
This time around, the destruction is even more intense! Whole cities are getting levelled by flying Transformers. Plus you get to see a whole new side of Optimus Prime.[imgclear]

Super 8
How is J.J. Abrams going to pay tribute to Steven Spielberg? With a 1980s setting, a teen coming-of-age story, a mysterious alien and a tiny camera. We make sense of all the relationships and drama happening on screen, and solve the age-old question of whether Crisco can save you from an alien abduction.[imgclear]

Terra Nova
We got to see Stephen Lang doing a riff on his “You’re on Pandora and your eyes are JuJu Bees” speech, plus skinny-dipipng, jungle fist-fighting, fires… and dinosaurs! Woop! This show comes to Fox for a special two-night premiere in May.[imgclear]

Cowboys and Aliens
We’ve already seen a trailer for this science fiction Western, but last night’s Superbowl spot was our first look at the alien ships attacking in daylight. Plus the stunt that you’ll be talking about for weeks.