Could This Be The iPad 2's Display?

Please bear in mind this could be fake, ladies and gents. 9to5Mac had procured images of what's thought to be the iPad 2 LCD screen, showing it's a millimeter thinner than the original iPad, and lighter to boot.

Your own eyes will also be able to see that it looks like there's a smaller bezel, too - which if you cast your mind back to the original iPad's launch was one of the largest disappointments.

The photos were sent from the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop to 9to5Mac, who had a commenter by the name of King claim that the LP097x02 SL (N1) display model number is a 9.7-inch LG Philips XGA LCD with 1024x768 resolution. That certainly matches previous leaks, in any case. [iFixYouri via 9to5Mac]

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