Could This Be A Mac OS X Lion Screenshot?

Could This Be A Mac OS X Lion Screenshot?

A reader just sent us this pretty little screenshot. He explained that it was forwarded to him by a friend who works for some mysterious company.

That friend apparently told this reader that the screenshot above is of the Mac OS X Lion desktop:

He explained me that in Apple they’ve been working on a new interface—and this is one of the options. It includes a new dock (the one in the picture) that has a default auto-hide function, an “opaque” effect in the back, and a new bar with direct access to LaunchPad. The icons in the right are hidden until you put the mouse over and enhancements in the window system like a pop-up effect and darker interface.

Sounds like a nice enough explanation, but there are a few things nagging us:

  • It’s rather odd that there is no actual tray on the dock – after all, it’s common for Apple to provide a support element of sorts throughout iOS and Mac OS X.
  • The lowercase “mon” instead of “Mon” or even “MON” is throwing us off.
  • Using “a.m” instead of “AM” would be very un-Apple-like and a deviation from what the company has been doing for years.

Those scepticisms aside, we think this is a pretty looking desktop and we could probably live with looking at it each day – assuming it’s not just the product of someone’s Photoshop dreams. [Thanks tipster!]