Breakeroids For iPhone

Breakeroids For iPhone

Asteroids has always been a little too frenzied for me – there’s nowhere to hide! – and Breakout, Blackberry classic though it may be, can get a little bit tedious. Breakeroids, a Frankenstein-style combination of the two, strikes a highly playable, deliciously neon balance.

What is it?

Breakeroids, $2.49, iPhone The top half’s asteroids, the bottom half’s breakout. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It works on the iPhone and the iPad.

Who’s it good for?

People who like Breakout; people who like Asteroids; people who like neon.

Why’s it better than alternatives?

The neon aesthetic looks great; the gameplay strikes a nice balance between the this-is-gonna-make-me-sweat-on-the-subway intensity of Asteroids and the at-least-I’m-not-just-looking-at-people-on-the-subway tedium of Breakout.

How could it be even better?

Seems like more of a $1.19 game, though that’s just my opinion. Moving the game elements at the bottom of the screen up a bit would be nice, keeping the thumb from obscuring the paddle.

Breakeroids, iPhone [iTunes]

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