2011 Autobiography Ultimate Edition Range Rover Comes With iPads Standard

While most current installations of iPads in cars are custom installs, it seems Land Rover has taken it upon itself to introduce the new tablet as an standard feature in its top-of-the-line 2011 Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition model.

The car, which isn't yet confirmed for an Australian release and would reportedly cost more than $250,000 if it ever did go on sale, comes with two flip up iPads installed into the back of each front seat. There's also an Apple keyboard in the centre console on an aluminium laptop table and adjacent to a drinks chiller.

The car oozes luxury from almost every angle - on top of the iPads there's also teak decking reminiscent of yacht decks and handmade leather around the car's interior. While Land Rover is the first manufacturer to actively incorporate the iPad into the car's design, it's also likely to be the first of many vehicles to discover that the iPad is a relatively cheap entertainment solution for back seat passengers. At least, we hope so, because there's no way we'll ever get to experience one of these, even if they do come to Australia...

[via Car Advice]

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