Woman Hangs Up On Apple, Nearly Misses Out On $US10,000 App Store Prize

Woman Hangs Up On Apple, Nearly Misses Out On $US10,000 App Store Prize

Gail Davis hates telemarketers. Hates ’em. Hangs up on their ilk as soon as she hears a wisp of their tortured, desperate breath over the telephone. Sadly, this same hatred nearly cost her family a cool $US10,000 gift card.

You see, as Apple is wont to do when it’s about to sell a milestone number of apps or songs via the iTunes Store, there was an obnoxiously large gift card planned for the person who downloaded the 10 billionth App Store app. That milestone was reached very recently, and the lucky winner would have been Gail Davis’ daughter. Her “Paper Glider” purchase was magic number 10 billion.

But! When an Apple rep called, Gail Davis was all too eager to assume the voice on the other end was someone attempting to sell her a Shake Weight or some knives, and so she promptly hung up the phone.

When her frantic daughters’ pleas had her second-guessing this rash decision, Davis tried to call back, but to no avail. The Apple operator blew her off—now it was Gail Davis who was pestering someone for a change!

Luckily, Eddy Cue, the VP of iTunes, somehow learned of all this and called the Davis household himself to sort everything out. Crisis averted! The Davis family, bless their hearts, will never have to pay for an Apple App Store app or iTunes song ever again. [Cult of Mac]