Whiter The Plug-In Electric/Hybrid Work Truck?

Hybrid cars, trucks and plug-in vehicles will be driving all over the place soon, but what of the heavy duty work trucks? Hybrids exist today, ye, but what if I want to plug my hauler into a wall?

Ah, here it is. The Ram plug-in hybrid. With its 12kWh Electrovaya battery, plugin functionality and 5.7-litre HEMI, this beast is ready for about 32km of electric-only driving before the combustion engine kicks in full-time to make things manly again.

Now, it's not actually for sale, nor will it be. Chrysler intends to deploy this truck with fleet operators this summer, but was showing it off at the Washington D.C. Auto Show anyway. The truck's limited deployment comes courtesy a $US48 million grant form the Energy Department in 2010. [Edmunds via Engadget]

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