Which Photo Was Shot by the ESA, Which One Is Amateur?

Amateur in comparison to European Space Agency's millions, that is, not to you and I who don't have $US15,000 to spend on home photography setups. But which of these space shots is the amateur - can you tell?

Alright, I'll give you the answer. On the left is ESA's composite photo of the Andromeda Galaxy, taken on the Herschel infrared space telescope and the XMM-Newton, and on the right is Brit Steve Loughran's snap of the very same formation, taken from his garden in Cambridgeshire with a refrigerated digital camera to speed it up, and three lenses varying from 60mm - 190mm.

Loughran's got some incredible space photos up on his site, which will just make you salivate with jealousy over his skill (and equipment). [Steve Loughran via Daily Mail]

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