When Is A DSLR Smaller Than A Micro Four-Thirds?

If you thought those micro four-thirds cameras were pricey for their size, get a load of this Japanese spy camera. Considering it costs $US120 and weighs just 12g, it might just be the most expensive camera per millimetre ever.

The actual size is 2.5cm x 2.5cm x 2.6cm, and it shoots video at 640x480 resolution. Photos can be taken too, at 1600x1200 res, plus there's even a mono speaker within that tiny casing. It takes microSD cards for recording onto, and has a miniUSB port for transferring footage to PCs.

What's got my heart all aflutter has got to be the mini-lenses that Japan Trust Technology will soon sell for the CHOBICAM1. Can I get a telephoto lens with my spy camera, please? [JTT via CrunchGear]

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