Want To Know Why OneNote For iPhone Isn't Available In Australia? Tough Luck

Microsoft launched OneNote for the iPhone last week, but with one important part missing - Australian support. Gus over at Lifehacker jumped on the case, demanding Microsoft explain their lack of an Aussie version for the same app. Their response is really a non-response.

According to Gus, Microsoft's response was a basic non response:

Essentially, Microsoft’s stance comes down to this:

* Currently, OneNote for iPhone is a US-only release. No explanation will be offered as to why this is the case. * OneNote for iPhone may eventually see release in other markets, but no timetable or target countries are able to be made public.

Microsoft has a bit of a poor track record with launching Australian version of software, with Kinect also launching without voice controls late last year. Hopefully this isn't the start of a disturbing trend of delayed Australian software launches...


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