Vending Machine Scans Your Face And Chooses Food For You

Kraft has invented a vending machine that analyses your face to predict what you want to eat. It combines facial recognition with other data to give you a snack, or email a recipe and shopping instructions. Creepy or cool?

While you operate the touchscreen on Kraft's "Meal Planning Solution", a camera analyses your face to determine your age and gender, the better to anticipate what you want to eat.

Between this and Xbox Kinect, there is a dystopic science fiction waiting to be written, where the world's most powerful corporations combine forces to spy on us perpetually with motion-sensing cameras, collecting our fingerprints during marathon sessions of Angry Birds.

But for now, let us gurgle with gluttonous glee: Ooohh, look, fancy snacks! It anticipates what I want for dinner, just like mum. [Fast Company]

Republished from Gawker

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