This Wobbling Office Chair Will Annoy You Into A Tighter Body

Many work with a heavy slouch - and while this may be comfortable and give you a nonchalant cool dude vibe, it's wrecking your back. The Wigli forces you to work your butt off (lest you fall onto it).

Wigli claims that even the fanciest designy ergonomic chairs don't do your lower body justice - allowing your muscles to slide into touch typing ruin, and leading to pain. Their solution is a stool - crafted from solid beech and rubber - that demands constant attention from lower back and stomach to stay upright. To me, this sounds incredibly irritating - I think I'd prefer to slowly atrophy as I write than to be constantly clenching and micro-adjusting my lower body. Then again, I'll probably be writing from a hospital bed within a few years. Once you get used to it - assuming you do - it's definitely a clever design. Those of you with wills and buns of steel will probably love this thing, and your backs will thank you for it down the line. [Wigli via Gadget Lab]

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