This Is Why Horoscopes Are Full Of Assfog

This graphic captures data from 22,000 horoscopes. All the signs show the same vague words that can be applied to anyone willing to believe. No news here: Astrologers, diviners and similar animals are just a bunch of deceptive crooks.

But it's OK. Some people want to believe. So be it. Like Carl Sagan says, astrology gives cosmic significance to their daily routines and, in their imbecility, they believe that their fate and luck is controlled by the stars. Yet one more reason not to do anything with them.

I wonder if people would ever stop being punk'd and scammed by these individuals. It has happened since the beginning of civilisation, but perhaps one day everyone will have enough education to realise that the only thing that links us to the planets and the stars are the atoms that make us all. [Information Is Beautiful via Fast Company]

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