The Hilarious Agony Of Watching A Computer Illiterate

There's not much worse than sitting on the sidelines, watching someone stumble through basic computer interactions. And what was a hilarious Reddit comic explaining that bone-gnawing frustration has become an even funnier animation by Guy Collins.

"The Scrollwheel" pretty much perfectly captures the experience I have every time I'm home for the holidays. Although I'm afraid my poker face may not be quite as good. [Reddit: Video; Original Comic]


    OMG! Someone just animated my life!

    Sending to all my help desk friends

    you can just tell them nicely and not be a another one of those bitchy IT guys with no social skills.

      Sometimes computer illiterate people don't wanna learn about a shortcut that is easier because they thinks harder and don't wanna learn how to do something they don't think they'll do very often.

      I try to tell them nicely, and they either ignore me or they cut me off cos they're too dam lazy to 'learn all your computer tricks, thats what you're for'.

      You know what else drives me mad? People who have to double click everything :|

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